Relay ensures you, your team and your clients are always in-sync.

Pioneer a new standard of customer service in trades and onsite services with intelligent online booking. Update jobs, locations and more in real-time and do it all on mobile!

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Our mobile-first app is designed for door-to-door service providers such as plumbers, electrcians, cleaners and landscapers.

Relay will save you 80 hours EVERY MONTH!

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Less Phone Calls

Know when your team arrives, the job is complete and paid for.

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More Customers

Customers can book jobs on your website, facebook page or app. You control availability of time/days.

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Always Get Paid

Take card payments onsite or send payment links. Auto-issue email receipts.

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More Time, Less Costs

Your team can view their jobs on mobile; check-in and out of jobs and complete simple tasks.

We believe in building easy...

Slick and intuitive

Create, drag and drop jobs with a tap.


Give your team the ability to see what their appointments are for the day on their app. You control access levels.

Simple, safe payments

Securely take card payments onsite or send customers a form to pay.

Customer-led design

Simple online booking flow to share with clients and prospects. They book the days, times and services you want them to book.


All features are available on smartphone, tablet or laptop.


Engineered for maximum security in line with data-protection and GDPR standards.

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How do I get started?

Get In touch

Fill in our form or drop us a WhatsApp, and we’ll contact you to understand your business. We then upload your services and staff to the app, so you can get started.

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Cost-effective. No Contracts. No Charging Per User

Trial Relay from just €30 or £30 today

"Relay has been a game-changer for my business. The ability to see where my team are at, how much business is in the books, take customer bookings and manage billing from my pocket is amazing. This is how software for businesses like mine SHOULD have been built years ago! Even my customers love it"

Paul Hayden, AESL Electricians

Am I suitable for Relay?
Relay is built for onsite service providers with multiple vehicles or staff.

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I am a great fit for Relay...

I own a business that does commercial and residential jobs and services onsite e.g. plumbers, electricians, landscapers, cleaners.

My staff members are often doing multiple services, in multiple different locations in the one day.

I am ambitious. I want control and visibility over my business in order to grow.

It’s not you, it’s us... Like you, we know what we are good at. We are currently not operating for the following businesses:

I own a company that does not do services, but deliveries e.g. couriers, public or private transport or a retail company with my own fleet.

I have a bricks and mortar business where people come to my premises to get services done e.g. a salon.